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The Ramblings of a Disturbed Teenager

Well,  mrscosmopilite liasbluestone, and I are all…


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Well, mrscosmopiliteliasbluestone, and I are all back and on the right side of some sleep after a very tiring weekend. Still wish it was all going on, but looking forward to '08 already.

Thursday: Set off just after the first 6 o' clock in the day. Went all the way up to Suffolk, which took around four hours, dropped The Dog off at my Grandmother's, then went to Hinckly, which took about two hours.
After checking in at the hotel, (well, letting liasbluestone check in at the hotel) we got showered and changed and went off to say hello to people. Then mrscosmopilite did some hotel liasoning duties, while liasbluestone and I went to go and help setting up the stage, which was an experience. I don't think I had ever heard anyone using such a wide range of interesting vocabulary all in one go before I watched Gid setting up the lighting.
At 7.30 we all went down to Treacle Mines for the buffet. Which was interesting seeing as everyone really did go down to Treacle Mines at the same time, so it was a bit busy. After the soup, which was actually quite nice, I went to go and get the main course, only to find, when I went back to my seat, the some bloke in a hat had sat down in it. I glared at mrscosmopilite, who had let him sit down in it, for a while and then sat down in another chair.
After the buffet came the Pub Quiz which clanwilliam so very kindly put together. We didn't come last though. We got eight and a half points, which isn’t too bad, compared to everyone else.
Eventually went to bed at around 2am.

Friday: Got up at about 7.30, had a greasy breakfast, went to help setting up the stage again. Rehearsed the Opening Ceremony a bit, with shouts of "Tart!" coming from the front row where I believe some people were watching. Had some dinner, which we won't go into, and then did the Opening Ceremony for real, which worked really well. This was somewhat a relief for Tim, who had the idea. Many people didn't recognise me at first in my blonde wig.
Went to bed at 1.30, so it was an early night.

Saturday: Was aroused from slumber at about 7am, went to breakfast. Then at 9, and I went to the first RDC rehearsal. More stuff happened, which I can't actually remember much of; probably it was all erased by the Maskerade.
Best in Show, which came as a surprise to all of us, seeing as we didn't even think it would win any prizes, let alone Best in Show.
So we now have a Big Shiny Thing in our living room.
Many of the committee declared that they had not been at the Maskerade, and had therefore missed our performance, so we took pity on them and gave them a special performance of it up in Ops. They liked it, I think.
Went to bed at 2 again.

Sunday: Got up around 7 again, and went to morning worship, which was a hoot.
Then went to RDC rehearsal at noon, and managed to miss the Mob programme item afterwards due to being far too hungry, but did get some teeth, so all is right with the world. There was another rehearsal at five o' clock, and seeing as the rehearsals were all two hours long that left us only and hour to get ready for the Gala Dinner (!), but we managed to finish 20 minutes early, so that, too, was good.
Went down to the pre-dinner reception with after mrscosmopilite had gone to set up for the dinner, and liasbluestone was nearly bowled over in the rush of people telling me how wonderful I looked. (I have mentioned before, I am not modest. Not even a bit.)
The dinner was nice. I found the pudding a bit sickly sweet but other than that it was nice. And the tables were set out really well.
We then went to go and sit in the reception to listen to the string quartet that was absolutely amazing, and chat to people.
Then at around 2am, the quote of the weekend occurred, when Gabe said over radio "Why are there teeth in my bed?” It was pretty hilarious.
Pictures were also taken of myself, mrscosmopilite and angua in a Charlie's Angels type pose. I'm not sure whether there are any of those pictures up on t'internet yet, but there will be.
Eventually went to bed at 4am because liasbluestone and I had a rehearsal the following morning at 9.

Monday: Had to get up at 7am because of the tech rehearsal for the RDC at 9, so liasbluestone and I breakfasted and got ready for rehearsal.
The real thing happened at one, and apparently went really well. Jacqui and I had a good laugh when liasbluestone went on stage and did Seagull Noises. In fact, Jacqui was laughing so hard that her coins were jingling.
The closing ceremony was good, even though it came too early for my liking. The Fat Lady sung, and it was over.
Then mrscosmopilite and the ConCom went out for a Chinese, which they seemed to enjoy, though not because of the food, and liasbluestone, Shiela Wicks and myself went down to the Harvester because the food there would be better than at the hotel. Many other Conventioneers also had the same idea as us, and the restaurant was very nearly taken over by the Convention.
At midnight, after the ConCom had been brought very...speedily back to the hotel, we went off to Donal's room for his room party, and the apparently traditional picture of him and all the other women in the room on his bed was taken. I believe there were seventeen people on the bed altogether, so there was a lot of creaking going on.
Managed to get to bed at 2.30-ish this time.

Tuesday: Said goodbye to people and then started the long journey home, stopping off on the way to pick The Dog up.

I had so much fun, so thank you to all the ConCom!

See you all in two years!

  • Thank you for resurrecting Gideon, btw. Of course, one reason I did it was because I knew other people had commissioned more assassinations from him for later that day (Becky did the honours that time, I think).

    It was great to see you - so pleased about the maskerade - and you looked *fantastic* at the Gala Dinner.
    • No problem, dear. And thank you, you looked wonderful as well, that colour blue really did suit you.
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