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The Ramblings of a Disturbed Teenager

More bragging


More bragging

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Well I can't tell you all how fabulous I am in the realms of English, because a certain mrscosmopilite beat me to it, but I did receive the rest of my end-of-year results today, so:

English: 7 (top 6% in the school )
Maths: 7 (36%)
Science: 7 (12%)
French: 7 (11%)
D+T: Exceptional Performance (2%)
Geography: 7 (12%)
History: 7 (13%)
ICT: 6 (33%)
Art: 7 (17%)
Music: 6 (24%)
PE: 5 (78%)
RE: 8

For most these are probably just meaningless numbers, but they are really good, honest.

  • We did SATs too, so I know what the numbers mean - well done you, you did much better than I did at your age! *hug*
  • Hmm, I suppose they'll have to do... :)

    They're fantastic scores. Congrats!

    So, you off to university in the states now? :)
  • Good for you :)
  • Well done you. Keep up the good work and soon your parents can retire.
    Have a jumping penguin to celebrate.
  • Well done, that IS really good!
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