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Work Experience


Work Experience

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Got letters today from school about Work Experience. It will be taking place, for us, from the 9th to the 13th of July, should be two weeks, but I'm going on trip to Paris with the Art department the second week so there.

It seems that if I want to go and work in London, then my placement form needs to be in before Christmas, if I want to work outside the County (Wiltshire), it needs to be in by March. Otherwise the deadline is May.

So, anybody got any suggestions? Bearing in mind the local theatre is going to be closed until (at least) July, if it ever even opens again, due to asbestos in the roof.

clanwilliam  and gmh  just popped in for a chat, and we talked about the possibility of approaching publishers and charities, seeing as they might actually be able to give me something to *do*.
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