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Deviant Tart again...


Deviant Tart again...

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I've finished *Natural Forms* now, so I've uploaded *all* of my work to my Deviant Tart gallery, including the final piece that I spent so long on. I would really like to know what you all think of it, so please take a look =)

The project has all been marked, and I got 60/60! So, as you can imagine, I'm fairly happy.
  • Well done! And having seen most of it 'in the flesh' as it were, I know just how good it all is.
  • That final piece is absolutely *stunning*, it really is. I'm not being patronising or anything other than completely and utterly complimentary when I say that I looked at it and thought that I might well pay quite a lot of money to have it or something like it hanging in my house. Utterly *gorgeous*. Well done :)
    • Thank you =)

      It's nice to hear what other people think of it, seeing as I started to hate it after the first month or so of working on it.
      Maybe when I'm finally allowed it back I'll like it again =)
  • *slowly turns green with envy at the lady's obvious talent* It's all beautiful, well done!
  • for those who like to know these things, the final piece is approximately 120cm tall and around 80cm wide at the widest point.
    Thats a calculation made by me rembering how much my arms ached when I had to hold it up for her to inspect.
  • The shading on the final piece is absolutely lovely; it adds a huge amount of perceptual depth to the piece!

    Well done!
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