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The Ramblings of a Disturbed Teenager




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Well, as of about 20 minutes ago, my pre-course art coursework is finished! 11 pictures and 2 pieces of writing, that is:

  • A copy of two pictures by "famous" artists which depict something a bit natural. (I chose "The flamingos" by Henri Rousseau, and a photo by Andy Goldsworthy which didn't appear to have a title. Thank you to gmh and hypatia for helping me out, and to anyone else who helped.)

  • Notes on each of these pictures explaining what they were about and how they made me feel - waffle basically.

  • 4 up-close-and-personal pictures of the inside of a fruit (I chose a yellow pepper), one in pencil, one in coloured pencil, one in watercolour and one in whatever medium you want (I chose to paint it with acrylics on calico, then quilt it - thanks mrscosmopilite for the idea).

  • Another 4 pictures of the inside of a different fruit (I chose a kiwi this time. Not the bird you buch of pedants, the fruit), again in pencil, coloured pencil, watercolour and whichever medium you feel like doing (this time I chose fruit pastels).

  • A detail close-up picture of a natural object (I did a rose - a nice pink one that was in mrscosmopilite's bunch of flowers that the bridal shop gave her - thank you Harmony Brides) on A2 paper and coloured in whatever medium you fancy (I did acrylics 'cos they dry nice and quick and you can do a bit of texture with them).

I am especially pleased with the last one, the rose, as it is a really dramatic picture, but gods, I hope I never have to paint something 'crimson' again.

And I found out yesterday that my art teacher for next year is the really good one, which I am relieved about because otherwise it would've been the really awful one who thinks that any piece of art by someone famous is wonderful and if you don't think that then you don't know anything about art. She said to me in year 7, when I pointed out that Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' aren't actually all that incredible and they don't make me feel anything except "Oooh. Sunflowers.", "Well obviously you haven't seen any real art. Go back to your seat."

Oh and by the way, when I have mentioned the word 'medium' throughout this post, I was not talking about a person who can talk to the dead. Nor was I talking about the size of my clothes. I was, in fact, talking about 'mediums' in a art context.

I'm going to sort out my stuff for school now, seeing as I go back tomorrow. Oh and flutter my eyelashes at mrscosmopilite a bit so she will take my school trousers up.
  • Congrats! Coursework is always outrageously sucky, but it's always great when you finish it =]
    • Thank you. It was even more annoying because none of my friends had any coursework to do, so they were all going places and doing things and I was stuck at home doing coursework.
      But they didn't get to go to the DWCon so I suppose fair's fair [=
  • pedant... it's "media" not "mediums" *g* If you like experimenting with texture in painting, try gouache - nice and thick :)
    • ah! I asked liasbluestone because I wasn't sure - and he said mediums! And now he denies it...of course. Oh well thank you anyway :)
      Gouache *writes down* I will tell my mum I need some.
      • I tole you last night - I thought you were asking about the singular of 'media', and said 'medium'.
        Is it my fault you don't listen to me?

        mutter mutter buggrit buggrem tole em buggrit
        • I think mrscosmopilite will tell you otherwise. And why didn't you tell me the word for both? I did say: "is it media or mediums?"
          But let us not argue via the internet, it will only bore others.
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