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The Ramblings of a Disturbed Teenager

Back to the place of torture.


Back to the place of torture.

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Or school, which is the euphemism that many people seem to be fond of giving it.

It was okay. For school that is. Which is never particularly good.

First thing we did was go into tutor and chat while our brand spanking new tutor tried to take the register and tell us about the new DT tables in his room which MUST NOT be damaged.
Then we looked at our timetables and compared lessons and stuff, before being told we had to go to Assembly. Which consists of Mrs. Aston - The HOY (or HOPh as they call it now) telling us that we have a hard two years ahead of us and we'd better do well or else. Then we trudged back to the tutor room where we chatted a bit more and tried to decipher the Homework Timetable. Whoever designed the homework timetable decided it would be a good idea to put down homework slots for each elective that we chose our subjects from. How can they expect us  to remember what electives our subjects were in? SUbjects that we chose last Christmas.

Then we had break, Maths and half of Textiles, middle luch, the other half of Textiles, Biology. Then everyone else went home and set 1 did some *more* Biology with a different teacher. Yay.

And I'm getting my clue bat ready to take tomorrow so I can use it on my Textiles teacher.
  • *doesn't go back properly 'til thursday*

    *outrageously smug*

    You're going to be getting the whole 'hard work etc etc' line for aaages... but you'll just tune it out after a while. Probably.

    I bet that homework table won't last for more than a few weeks, though. They never do. Which can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on how much your teachers like homework XD

    (and can I borrow that clue bat? I never had one when I needed it ¬_¬)
    • ¬¬ not fair!

      I've already tuned out of the 'hard work' thing. I tune out of things very easily. In some cases far *too* easily.

      And you can borrow the clue bat if you pay for the postage. Posting things is very complicated nowadays you know...
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