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The Ramblings of a Disturbed Teenager

My drama homework for over the holidays was to think of some ideas…


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My drama homework for over the holidays was to think of some ideas for the drama exam later in the year (I think it's March/April but I'm not sure), and then present these ideas to the class. The drama exam consists of doing a performance, which is then graded by the examiners.

There is no brief, other than we can either do a devised performance or a scripted one, using a script from the selection provided by the exam board. We have been warned to stay clear of the scripts though, as the examiners will have seen them done so many times that it would have to be *really* good to get decent marks.

We don't know what our groups will be yet, and we don't know the number of people that will likely be in the group (the length of the performance depends on the size of the group).

So, with the holidays almost over, the number of ideas that I've had is precisely none. A chat with my parents turned up some possibilities, but I'm sure there are more ideas to be had. I'm completely open to ideas, and I'm really only brainstorming at the moment, so it doesn't have to be thought out or anything. Just some inspiration would be nice =)
  • A piece about preparing to go on stage in a maskerade? I know you could write the original script and direct it and everything. You could even adapt it to being a piece about preparing to perform in a drama exam ;-)
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